Query Options

Here are some of the most common keys you can pass in the struct of options to control how the query is executed. Please check the API Docs for the full list.

Option Description
sortOrder Specifies the direction to sort the results based on the map function's "key" value. Valid values are ASC and DESC.
limit Number of records to return
offset Number of records to skip when returning
reduce Flag to control whether the reduce portion of the view is run. If false, only the results of the map function are returned.
includeDocs Specifies whether or not to include the entire document in the results or just the key names. Default is false.
startkey Specify the start of a range of keys to return.
endkey Specify the end of a range of keys to return.
group Flag to control whether the results of the reduce function are grouped.
keys An array of keys to return. For complex keys, pass each key as an array.
stale Specifies if stale data can be returned with the view. Possible values are: OK - (default)stale data is ok, FALSE - force index of view, and UPDATE_AFTER potentially returns stale data, but starts an asynch re-index.

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