CFCouchbase SDK
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CFCouchbase ships with the following contents:
  • /cfcouchbase - This is the actual SDK code
  • /apidocs - The API docs that show you the FULL list of SDK methods and their arguments (even ones not covered here). There is also an [Online Version] as well.
  • /samples - A collection of sample apps that use the "beer-sample" bucket.
    • /beer-brewery-manager - Showcases view creation, and basic CRUD operations utilizing native CF data structures
    • /beer-brewery-manager-oo - Same as above but with OO design patterns. Showcases Couchbase CFC inflation
    • /beer-brewery-manager-mvc - Same as above but as an MVC application. Requires a /coldbox mapping on your server.
    • /coldbox-sample - A sample ColdBox application that shows loading CFCouchbase via a module. Requires a /coldbox mapping.
Hint The API Docs also have descriptions and code samples for every method. They are a must read as well!

System Requirements

  • Lucee 4.5+
  • ColdFusion 10+

CommandBox Installation

The easiest way to get started with CFCouchbase is to use CommandBox CLI to install in any directory:
box install cfcouchbase
This approach can be used for the following application approaches: