Retrieving Documents

The easiest way to retrieve a specific document by ID from your Couchbase cluster is by calling the get() method.

person = client.get( id = "brad" );

There are many other methods for getting data. Please check the API Docs (in the download) to see full descriptions and code samples for all of them.

  • getMulti() - Get multiple objects from couchbase with a single call.

  • getAndTouch() - Get a document and update its expiry value

  • getAndLock() - Get a document and lock it for a specified amount of time

  • getFromReplica() - Get a document from a replica

  • getWithCAS() - Get an object from couchbase with a special Compare And Swap (CAS) version (for use wit replaceWithCAS())

  • n1qlQuery() - Get a document using a N1QL query

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