Storing Documents

The easiest way to store a document in your Couchbase cluster is by calling the upsert() method. In this example we are passing a struct directly in as the value to be stored. The SDK will automatically serialize the struct into a JSON document for storage in the cluster.

    id = "brad",
    value = { 
        name: "Brad", 
        age: 33, 
        hair: "red", 
        weird: true 

The id of the document is brad and it will live in the cluster forever until it is deleted. If I want my document to expire and be automatically removed from the cluster after a certain amount of time, I can specify the timeout argument.

This document will be cached for 20 minutes before expiring. Couchbase will automatically remove it for you once it has expired.

    id = "cached-site-menus",
    value = menuHTML,
    timeout = 20

Tip The CFCouchbase SDK will try to be smart enough to translate any native CFML construct into JSON for you. You can also pass binary data or JSON as well. The SDK can also deal with CFC's to provide seamless CFC deserialization and inflation, please see the Data Serialization section.

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