ColdBox Module

The CFCouchbase SDK is already a ColdBox Module. So if you are building a ColdBox MVC application you can install the SDK with CommandBox via: box install cfcouchbase. The SDK will be installed in your modules directory, create a mapping called cfcouchbase for you, manage all SDK instances and create all the WireBox binders for you.

WireBox Mappings

The following objects are already mapped in the module edition and can be injected anywhere in your ColdBox application.

  • CouchbaseConfig@cfcouchbase maps to cfcouchbase.config.CouchbaseConfig

  • CouchbaseClient@cfcouchbase maps to cfcouchbase.CouchbaseClient

ColdBox Settings

You can configure the SDK by creating a couchbase structure in your ColdBox.cfc configuration file. This structure can contain any setting from theCouchbaseConfigobject and ColdBox will configure theCouchbaseClient` for you.

couchbase = {
    servers     = "",
    bucketname     = "default",
    viewTimeout    = "1000"

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